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Building a Following: How to Increase RSS Subscribers

how to Increase RSS Subscribers

If you’ve got a solid marketing calendar, awesome content, and a few killer blog writers, your blog is probably already in pretty good shape. But all of that work can go unnoticed if no one is actually reading your posts. Getting readers to subscribe to your RSS feed can seem like a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s check out the top tips for how to increase RSS subscribers so that all of your hard work and content development pays off.

Plain and Simple

Today’s online readers hardly have time to skim a blog post, let alone time to go searching for how to follow your posts. Make your RSS button visible and easy to find. Don’t offer detailed directions or confusing outbound links. If it’s easy for readers to subscribe, they’re much more likely to do so.

Tell and Ask

Depending on who your audience is, many readers may not even know what RSS is. Don’t assume that all readers are as tech-savvy as you are – educate them by explaining the process or directing them to a basic post describing RSS. Once you’ve laid it out there for everyone to understand, don’t be afraid to ask for subscribers. Don’t be shy about including RSS shout outs at the end of your posts – sometimes readers just need a little push to do what they’ve been meaning to do.

Focus and Explain

Review your posts and make sure that your blog is focused. Be honest with yourself: are all of your posts focused around one key topic? This is important for analyzing if your topic is wide enough to include enough prospective readers but focused enough to engage a specific community. It’s also crucial to continue to write on your focused topic, only sharing posts that are well-researched, relevant, and interesting. Make each post count – you don’t want to clutter your subscribers’ feeds and overwhelm them with posts they don’t care to read.

Write and Comment

Guest posting is an awesome opportunity to increase RSS subscribers. When you get out there and write for other blogs, your name and blog gets an automatic promo. Most often your guest post will include links back to your blog, driving up traffic and interest in subscribing. It’s also a good idea to get out there and comment on blogs. If you can write a relevant reaction and include a link to sign up for your RSS feed, you’ll be casually shuffling readers toward your posts. Still worried about how to increase RSS subscribers?  Contact SocialNicole – we’d love to connect with you! And don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed here!

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