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Branding a Campaign: Do You Need a Company Hashtag?

do you need a company hashtagWhen your business launches an exciting new campaign, it can be easy to start throwing out hashtags to promote your brand. Your first thought may be that your campaign tweets, Facebook posts, etc. all need to include a company hashtag (example: #SocialNicole). If you’re a small business, it can even feel really important that you include this explicit company hashtag with your promotions so users know who is behind the campaign. But let’s step back for a minute: do you need a company hashtag? How does a company hashtag really work to promote your campaign?

Do You Need a Company Hashtag?

Let’s check out a few key reasons having a company hashtag for your campaign is unnecessary:

1. It’s not descriptive of your campaign.

Though a company hashtag obviously describes your business, it doesn’t explicitly identify your campaign. Even though your end goal is always promoting your business, for these specific campaign promotions, your business is being intentional about sharing campaign information. The hashtags that you use should be campaign-specific so customers see the hashtag, associate the hashtag with the campaign, and then associate the campaign with your business.

2. You’re already automatically tagging yourself through the post.

Whether it’s on Twitter using your @ handle or on Facebook using your business page, by posting something about your new campaign, you’re already automatically branding it as your own. Instead of wasting precious characters typing out a hashtag of just your business name, use that space to include more campaign information or a hashtag that you’ve branded specifically for your campaign.

3. Owning your company hashtag isn’t impressive.

If you’re beginning your company hashtag with this campaign, chances are people are more interested in the campaign itself than in using your company hashtag. Put your efforts elsewhere. Instead of ensuring you get your name out there by promoting your company hashtag, focus on the importance of owning another hashtag. Word of your campaign (and by default, your company) will travel faster if you own a hashtag related to your campaign that is more accessible and versatile, rather than company-specific. Now we want to hear from YOU! Do you think a company hashtag is a good addition to a branding campaign? Share your comments below! Photo Credit

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