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Branding a Campaign for Your Company

branding a campaignOnce you’ve learned the basics of branding, your business may be ready to take the next step. There are many different elements involved in developing an effective brand. But when your company is ready to run a campaign, branding becomes even more important. How can your company go about branding a campaign successfully? Check out a few key tips below.

Utilize Many Mediums

When you’re running a campaign for your company, it’s important that you use every single medium that you have access to. This means all of your social media channels, all of your printed materials, all of your online materials, your website, and anything else you use to promote your business. Your campaign brand should show up everywhere – customers need to get used to seeing a consistent campaign image and slogan everywhere they see your company name. This will make them feel confident that you’re a unified front who is dedicated, diligent, and making your campaign a priority.

Choose Key Images

Choose a couple of key images that will characterize your campaign. These will be the visual face of your campaign, so make them engaging and relevant. You don’t have to stick to just one image, but pick two or three that will be your primary focus throughout your campaign, to be featured on all materials. Not only should you stick with the same images, but it’s also important to stay with a certain style of image. This style should be relevant to your company image and brand as well as to your consumer base. Customers are visual and images are therefore a key in branding your campaign.

Proclaim a Single Message

If you’re already working on a campaign for your company, chances are you’ve already developed a campaign message. Now it’s time to focus that message. Develop one quality, focused message that works for promotion across many audiences and medias. Whatever message you decide on, ensure it can be put into materials that are relevant to your audience. For example, if you’re targeting movie-goers, consider having a message that can fit on popcorn bags, at Redbox kiosks, and in newspapers. Remember that your customers will be coming from different backgrounds and running into your campaign at different times and in different places. But the key is that, no matter who they are, they’re getting a consistent branding message from your company, making you look reliable and thorough. How have you gone about successfully branding a campaign? We want to hear from you! Please share below. If you are looking for some specific help branding your business in a campaign, we’d love to help – contact us here! Photo Credit

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