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Stepping Up to the Plate- Let’s Hit a Homerun This Year!

I am not sure about you, but I am very excited that the new year is under way. I spend a few weeks before the new year reviewing my business and planning for the next year, setting business goals, making communication plans and trying to get everything set to move ahead. It’s always an exciting time (except for the taxes- I hate working on accounting issues!) I also outline what my biggest business challenges are in the coming year – so that I can identify and begin to conquer them. After review, my biggest challenge in 2012 is scaling the business. We are growing rapidly – our model of a virtual agency that keeps costs down for clients has shown to be a successful model – and now we will work to scale it to be able to provide service for an increased number of clients. Since there is only one of me, this means I have to become better at delegating to my amazing right hand person – my social media and account manager Heather Markovich. As Heather takes on a bigger leadership role in the company and my team of incredible independent contractors continues to increase, I will work to continue to streamline our efforts and keep costs down for clients. It’s no easy task, but I am excited for it! So now I ask you, what are your biggest business challenges for 2012? What have you done to begin to address these challenges? I hope you will share and we can support one another as we put our best foot forward to make 2012 the best year as of yet!   Photo Credit 1  

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