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Infographics: A Phenomenon of Online Marketing

Chances are you’ve seen them everywhere by now- The Infographic. Versatile and appealing, these visually compelling mediums of communication do a great job of providing complex data in a visual format that is easy for the reader to understand. A mix of design, analysis and writing, the infographic is quickly becoming the go-to medium for businesses […]

A Ziploc of Ideas: Keeping Your Content Fresh

So, your business is really excited about content marketing, you know how to create an effective plan and you’ve got a pretty good idea about how social media can give your content marketing a little ‘kick in the pants.’ But while content marketing can be a great tool, and you may already have some great ideas on how […]

The News Release: It’s Alive!

You may be only a headline into this blog right now and already asking yourself: Wait, aren’t news releases a little ‘old news’? You’re not alone in thinking this unfortunate thought. The sad fact is that the Internet has put the idea into audience’s heads that the news (press) release is, altogether, obsolete. And we […]

5 Steps to the Perfect PR Pitch

No matter how unique and compelling your business’ story may be, a well-thought out pitch can make or break whether or not you can achieve media attention. Pair an artfully-crafted pitch with a solid relationship with your chosen reporter, check out “The Nature of the Beast” Reporter & Media 101: 5 Traits You Need to […]

“The Nature of the Beast” Reporter & Media 101: 5 Traits You Need to Know

Reporters. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, if you want to garner awareness for your business you’ll have to begin cultivating relationships with your local media and reporters.  And just like any good relationship, a solid foundation begins in a mutual understanding of each party. As a former journalist-turned-PR-enthusiast, I’ve worked in the newsroom with all types […]

Business Blogging: Why Bother?

We’ve spent some time this month talking about the history of our own blog and tips to start your own, as well as how to create your first content calendar.  But, so far, we’ve neglected to answer that one important question that kicked this all off: Why should I blog? After spending this blogging month with us the […]

Creating the Perfect Twitter Lists

We’ve all been there. You create, what you think is, the perfect Twitter account. You’re sharing up a storm, hashtags and all. But somehow, amidst all your hard work making sure your content is appealing and exciting, you’re still not getting the following nor the interaction you crave. As useful as hashtags and the creation […]

Spelling gaffes beware: Facebook-ians can edit you away!

Spelling errors making you feel like a buffoon on Facebook? Did you comment on your friend’s status about their new house, congratulating them on their “new hose”? Never fear! Facebook’s edit button may have just answered your grammar-blunder prayers! Last Thursday the site started offering users the ability to edit their comments. That’s right. Whether […]

Customer Service on Social Media- The Immediacy of it All

“The Customer always comes first.” If you’ve done any bit of work for a business in your lifetime, you’ve heard that phrase before. This concept is cornerstone to any good customer service plan. But how do we deliver this kind of customer service through social media? After all, with social media being one of the […]

What Retail has Taught me about Customer Service

Like any young person, I’ve spent a good chunk of my life within the retail world. Not shopping, rather, part-time work. My retail work history included associate work for 2 large retail chains (I won’t name names here.) And while the experience has been one I’d hope to not have to repeat, I do owe […]