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About Nicole Harrison and SocialNicole

SocialNicole was founded by me Nicole Harrison – but it’s cool if you just call me SocialNicole everyone else does. I am an entrepreneur with a passion for the power of relationships and connections and how social media continues to make these connections easier.

I specialize in providing business owners and entrepreneurs practical strategies they can use to make social media work for them. My goal is simple, to help other like minded go-getter’s leverage social media and digital marketing to create and grow the businesses and lives they are passionate about and desire!

How SocialNicole Can Help You Grow Your Business

I firmly believe that today’s business professionals MUST master the art of social media engagement, content creation and promotion to be successful.

But with the massive amounts of information out there, how can you find practical information, strategies and techniques to help you build your business using social media marketing?

That’s where SocialNicole comes in.

SocialNicole FacebookFounded in 2009 SocialNicole has grown into a leading social media marketing company for the following reasons:

  • We are built from the ground up for social media. Unlike many social media “experts” who add social media to a long list of services, our services are social media marketing and always have been. We specialize in social, it’s what we do and we do it well. We bring social into everything we do, whether it’s building a website, crafting a PR campaign or crafting your next product launch we make sure it’s social first and foremost.
  • We are focused on results-based best practices and have created an arsenal of amazing strategies. Our clients range in types of business, size and backgrounds – we are flexible and can create strategies that fit any business.
  • We share what we know and learn here on our blog. What we share is practical and designed to help you get more traffic, leads and customers.

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Why I Started SocialNicole

I started SocialNicole in 2009 and yes the name of my company evolved from my Twitter name. The name was catchy and by the time I decided to step out and make my own mark on the world I was already branded. My first career was in teaching, I was an inner-city high school teacher for six years. I eventually moved to nonprofit fundraising and marketing (this is where I got the social bug). I was recruited from my nonprofit marketing director position to step on board a major gubernatorial campaign as the digital strategist. After 18 months and a campaign WIN I was left with what’s next?

I had options, work inside the gubernatorial staff (but politics did not suit me nor did the idea of a government 9-5), I could go work for an agency or a consultancy, get a job as a digital strategist for another company or step out on my own. Fate has a way of stepping in and before the campaign was over I began receiving requests from several businesses and nonprofits to advise their social media strategy. It was one of my first consulting clients who said to me “why don’t you just run your own thing?” I had not considered going out on my own but he was adamant that I would be great. My early consulting clients belief in me helped me step out and launch SocialNicole.

Over the past 6 years I have helped 100’s of clients leverage social media to reach business objectives including brand recognition, social sales, lead generation and more… I have helped thousands of people online with free advice and online content through my blog, Twitter and Facebook. I love to spread the word. But I am using a lot of “I’s” here – my team has been right with me helping to make sure that small businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere have access to the best advice possible as they enter the social media realm.

A SocialMedia Evangelist

This past year Phil Hansen the CEO of the Minnesota Northern Region American Red Cross introduced me to his board of directors as a social media evangelist. I liked that title as it fits my bigger goal which is to empower people and bring them into the fold with social media.  I am a huge social media advocate. The truth is that if you give me a moment to step up on my soap box I will convince just about anyone of the future of communications and how social is the future in every way.

Success for individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes is dependent on embracing social media as a revolutionary communication tool. In 10 years the question won’t be “should we do social media?” It will be “we are in business because we understand social and how it affects every aspect of our bottom line.”

Some Personal Details

I believe in getting to know the people I work with and that means sharing a bit about me too. You can check me out on Facebook, Twitter and various other channels to see pictures and learn more about me both professionally and personally. But here’s a bit more about me:I have two amazing daughters who are my source of inspiration and dedication. My goal has always been to be a great role model for them. I am proud of the young women they are becoming.

photo-8My older daughter recently finished her second year of college and has decided to travel for the next year in South America, both absorbing the culture and doing some volunteer work. She is a hard worker and has had a part-time job since she turned 16. She is very independent and  I am proud of her focus and determination.

Astronaut Abby TEDx talkMy younger daughter is on a slightly different path. She has wanted to be an astronaut since about the age of 5 and at age 18 has accomplished quite a bit for a “kid”. She started using social media in 8th grade to find some NASA employees to interview for a school project and in five years she has grown her community to over 400,000 fans and followers on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

She leveraged her online community several years ago to raise funds to run a worldwide outreach campaign to encourage kids and adults around the world to dream big and support STEM education. And recently she launched a 501c3 nonprofit called The Mars Generation to support her community to become advocates for human space exploration and STEM.

You can find out more about her at Be sure to check out her TEDx talk titled “What’s Your Mars?” too! She inspires me daily and proves how powerful social  media tools can be for anyone who has passion!

I also have two dogs that are spoiled rotten to say the least. Pippin and Lucy are my “younger children” and have a lot of energy to share. They help keep things lively in the office as they come to work everyday (got spoiled as puppies). You will occasionally see them pop up on my Twitter or Facebook because they are my babies.

Don’t hesitate to contact me…let’s talk!

Let’s tweet, email, phone and discuss your social media marketing needs.