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How to Make Blogging Suck Less: 6 Reasons You Need to Have a Guest Blogger

guest blogger expert Your blog on your website is a major point of entry to your content and services. As a small business owner, your blog is an excellent tool to draw people in to what you do. Is it a chore? Sometimes. But that’s why you can get someone else to write for you! For this reason and many more, guest bloggers can really add something important to your content. See the benefits to having guest bloggers below:

Drive more traffic

If you’ve had a blog for a while, your analytics are probably pretty consistent. Adding a guest blogger can help drive more traffic to your website in a number of ways, even just including having another author to come up in organic searches. If John Doe is a guest blogger on your site, and someone Googles him, your website has a much greater chance of coming up in the results than if you had not invited him to write at all, that’s for sure. Not only will your traffic come from more searches, but also if your guest blogger shares it on his or her own channels and blog as well, that will drive even more traffic.

Bring in another thought-leader or expert

Sometimes, although you may know a lot about your field, you cannot know it all. It’s helpful to bring in a fellow thought-leader and start to create a more dynamic conversation on your blog. A new writer can offer your readers expertise you just don’t have. I’ll touch on this more later in this post.

Offer a new voice or perspective

Maybe you DO know it all, but you are only one person. Your voice should be present in your posts, if the writing is good. Having a guest blogger can add a fresh writing voice to the platform. A new writer may also be of a different demographic than you and can reach a new audience–these are invaluable tools.

Show you can collaborate

Having a guest blogger shows readers that you can collaborate with people well enough to organize a helpful post about something. It shows you know a lot about your topic, and you know plenty of others who know about your topic as well, which brings me to my next point:

Show you’re well networked

If you’re as invested in your field as I think you are, chances are that you have met many people along the way who you think are brilliant. Drawing on this expertise shows your readers that if you don’t have the answer yourself, you know someone who does–and that’s just as important.

Save yourself time

And let’s face it, it’s kind of nice to have someone else write for your blog once in a while. As long as you return the favor, that relationship will serve you well in the future, and save you time along the way. I hope you’ll consider using a guest blogger. You can’t afford not to! — Photo Credit

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