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6 Easy Ways to Say Thank You

Of all the powerful relationship building tools I can think of saying thank you is on the top of my list. Yet, we are all so busy and sometimes it is easy to forget this simple courtesy. Slow down and make sure you are saying thank you to the people who help you out. I like to look at my calendar from the previous day to remind me whom I met with, talked with or helped me in anyway and then I say thank you. Of course we all know how to say thank you, but it is good to mix it up and be creative sometimes. Why? Because it is good to stand out and using different ways to thank people will do just that. Here are 6 Easy Ways You Can Say Thank You Today: 1. Send them a handwritten thank you note – Wow, this will knock their socks off. People love receiving personal mail. A short note expressing your gratitude will do wonders. If you really want this person to remember you and to connect with you again in the future, this is a great method to make that happen. I reserve handwritten notes for people who have really gone above and beyond to help me out or whom I really feel the need to connect with on a deeper level. 2. Send an email – This is becoming a standard practice and is my number one way to say thank you. Email is quick efficient and easy to remember. I like to wait to send the thank you email; I use a 12-hour rule. The reason I wait to send a thank you email is that I want the person to feel it is heartfelt and thought out. Email is so easy and sending an email immediately after meeting someone gets it off your plate, but if that person is like me (has an iPhone and checks their email constantly) sending an email right away feels like it was an to do item, instead of a meaningful email. When you wait a few hours, you take the person by surprise, they feel like you were thinking about them and made an effort. It is a simple nuance, but important. 3. Tweet them – Yes you heard me, tweet them. Especially if this is a person you met on Twitter, or you know they use Twitter a lot. Now why would this be effective? Tweeting someone is equivalent to walking into a room full of people and announcing to everyone that you are so very thankful for that person and the contribution they have made to your business. Twitter is powerful and if they actively use it, this can be a great method. I recommend you send a follow up email too, but that will depend on your purpose. Sometimes a tweet is enough. Believe me I am a Twitter fanatic and it is really effective! 4. Phone Call  – Yes we live in an age where the phone is becoming less and less attractive, and I am not a phone person. Yet there are many people out there for whom the phone is still their first line of communication. Think about your contact and choose to use the phone if you know this is something they would appreciate. Oftentimes you will get a voicemail, at which point you can leave a simple message telling them thank you and you look forward to meeting again. I like to call and thank the host or hostess of an event or party I attended the day before. This is a great way to follow up and reach out to someone; it often leads to a great conversation and future connections. 5. – Yes I said it! Use the Internet to send a small gift of appreciation. It is so easy and effective. I like to send a book that I either mentioned to the person who helped me or that I think would be a perfect fit. I use this method when I want to make an impression, express deep gratitude for help this person may have offered or to connect at a much deeper level. Make sure you include a note expressing your gratitude – the gift is nice, but the note is essential. 6. Open your network and make a connection for the person. Saying thank you is awesome and saying it multiple times is just as flattering. When I meet someone who goes above and beyond to help me I keep my antennas up for him or her. When I run into someone who might be a good contact, I make sure to connect him or her. I make a lot of connections via email and I usually include to the person I am thanking something that indicates I appreciate the efforts they have helped me with and I hope that this new connection is valuable to them. So there you have it, easy peasy ways you can express your gratitude. I know that most of this is nothing new, but hopefully it will remind all of us to express our gratitude daily. So tell me, what’s a great way you have been thanked or said thank you to someone?

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