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2014 Social Media Marketing Checklist

Social Media Checklist It’s that time again. Another year has passed, and you are brimming with resolutions. As you prepare for the New Year this month, it is the perfect time to review your social media strategy. Review your efforts over the past year. Note what worked well and more importantly, what didn’t work.  Make adjustments, get organized, and make a plan for the New Year. Use SocialNicole’s social media marketing checklist to make sure your New Year starts off right:

1. Make a List of Your Online Channels

Ideally, you already have this in your metrics tracking spreadsheet. Take a moment to run through all active channels to ensure you are familiar with all of your online properties. On this list, include all digital marketing channels. Include your website, blog, email and all social media channels.

2. Review Each of Your Online Marketing Channels

Check off the following items as you review each active social channel:

  • Messaging across channels – is it consistent?
  • Visuals for all channels – are they branded? Is your look/feel similar across each channel?
  • Profile Pictures – Do you have the same profile picture across all channels?
  • Check all authorized applications for each channel. Verify that access to each app is worthwhile and revoke access to unnecessary apps.

3. Change Passwords

It’s time to come up with a new set of passwords. At SocialNicole, we change all passwords for each client once per year. This may seem unnecessary, but it is important. Frequently, many people have access to corporate social media accounts, even if they are not authorized. The SocialNicole team also changes passwords as needed, but this is one extra step keeps accounts secure.

4. Create or Update Editorial/Marketing Calendar

If you are not using a calendar to plan your marketing, start now. It takes discipline to keep a calendar up to date and refer to it each day, month after month. However, a good editorial or marketing calendar will help plan consistent content and keep you on track throughout the year. Content marketing requires forethought and this calendar is the key to success.

5. Twitter Clean Up

At SocialNicole, we have weekly and monthly protocols for Twitter to keep our clients’ accounts operating smoothly and strategically. Additionally, the end of year is a great time to zone in and clean up. Our social team follows people back, creates lists of users and focuses on messaging weekly and monthly. Yearly, we review all lists to ensure that they are active and growing. This is an excellent time to delete any nonessential lists. We also review the users we follow and unfollow any non-relevant or inactive accounts. This helps keep the account relevant and easy to manage.

6. Facebook Clean Up

For Facebook, our team reviews all “liked” pages and “unlike” irrelevant pages. We also source new pages for the client to “like.” We identify pages to connect more deeply with and create a priority list for community managers. Our team also reviews the timeline to ensure that all photos are relevant, and all events are marked from the year. Finally, we review all page tabs to verify their relevance. This is a great time to add new tabs or remove unnecessary tabs.

7. Management Guide Review

One of our main tools for managing accounts is what we call the management guide. This outlines our daily, weekly and monthly management tasks.  It also details our overall messaging guidlines, relevant hashtags and audience targets. These documents are modified throughout the year, as needed. At the end of the year, we thoroughly review the documents and make adjustments.

8. Metrics Spreadsheet Review

December is a good time to review your metrics tracking document and ensure all months are complete. Look at the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Are they all relevant? Add and remove anything that needs updating. If you do not track metrics, now is the time to start. Setup a spreadsheet with a tab for each channel, identify your brand’s KPIs,  and add one column for every month.

9. Social Media and Content Strategy Review

Review your brand’s social strategy and adjust for the New Year accordingly. Look at your posts from the last year.  What engaged your audience? Which campaigns could have performed better? Employ the strongest strategies in your marketing calendar, and make necessary adjustments. Remember to make slight performance-based adjustments to keep your strategy on track during the year.

10. Brainstorm Campaign Ideas for the New Year

Campaigns do not have to be expensive. As a matter of fact, they can be incredibly cheap, or even free– except for labor, of course. However, this requires a plan. This is where your marketing/editorial calendar comes into play. Start thinking now about the entire year ahead. What kind of campaigns do you envision? Pitch your ideas and work them into your calendar.

11. Content, Content, Content

Now is the time to think about content for the New Year. The SocialNicole team plans at least 6 months ahead for our blog, newsletters and social media. What are you planning to talk about next year? Start thinking about it now and organize it in writing. This is our end-of-the-year cleanup process. What is your process for preparing for the New Year? Please share your ideas below. Need help getting your social media house in order for the New Year? Contact the team at SocialNicole. We can help get you on the right track.   Photo Credit

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