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Are you ‘open’ to a New Years marketing resolution?

It’s that time of year again…

Businesses around the world are wrapping up 2011 and planning for 2012.  At SocialNicole we are busy helping our clients assess their current online marketing strategies and helping them determine which improvements can be made to help them reach their 2012 goals for engagement online and increased sales.

Don’t have the budget to hire us?  No problem!  Here are four simple things to consider for your online marketing in 2012:

1) Review last years goals for your online efforts and compare the outcomes. Did you reach your goals? How did the metrics you chose to follow indicate success? Do you want to continue to use the same metrics going forward or is there room to adjust? These are all important things to address. It also helps to look at last year’s sales goals and compare with your actual sales – how did you do? The bottom line is, you want to make money. So make sure to stop and look at these key factors.
  2) Review your overall social media/online marketing plan. What items worked in the past year? What items did not? What items do you still need to address from this plan? How can you adjust the overall plan for 2012? Know that your marketing strategy is never stagnant and your social media plans are just one part of that strategy. Make sure you review these items and update them to reflect the new year. 3) Create and/or Update your marketing/editorial calendar for 2012.   A calendar is essential to keeping all the pieces in place. Are you using a marketing/editorial calendar? If not, make sure to do so! It doesn’t take long to set it up, but the results will let you feel more control in 2012. 4) Consider what types of online marketing could help you reach your 2012 goals.  Is your website designed professionally? Does it have basic SEO elements to help you pop up in web searches? What is your email marketing strategy? What is your personal networking plan – how will you build referrals to your business?  Make sure to budget for some essential items like search engine optimization, website content refresh (use a marketing writer like our writers at SocialNicole to get amazing copy), and make sure get an SEO plan set in motion! That’s it! In a nutshell.  A brief overview on how to address your marketing needs for 2012. Is this is a bit overwhelming? Let SocialNicole help you – we offer complete marketing and communication strategy and planning services, as well as turn-key social media management, SEO services and website design. Our team is focused on delivering cutting edge service without the large prices of an agency.  We’d love to hear from you! Photo Credit 1 Photo Credit 2
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