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20 Statistics That Will Drive 2014 Marketing Strategies

The infographic below showcases 20 statistics that will drive 2014 marketing strategies. From it, we’ve analyzed the most important facts for your business. Read on to learn why your brand’s social media strategy needs extra attention in 2014!

1. 52% of all marketers have found a customer via Facebook in 2013.

Facebook is a powerful tool for your company. It gives businesses the power to reach thousands of people with one click. The updated advertising platform allows brands to easily tailor messages and target specific audiences. Spending a few minutes on Facebook each day can have an incredible impact on your business.

2. Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text, and 65% of your audience are visual learners.

Social platforms are heavy on visuals, and posts with photos frequently have more engagement than text-only posts. By reaching your audience through visual content, your company is more likely to make connections with customers online. To take advantage of this, post photos frequently with engaging text and occasional calls to action.

3. In 2014, marketing teams will spend $125 billion dollars on new digital marketing collateral. Social marketing budgets will double over the next 5 years.

Social media isn’t leaving anytime soon. It’s projected to grow rapidly, which means that now is the time to form customer relationships. Build a consistent, branded social media presence that your customers recognize and trust. Stick with your content marketing calendar and prove to your customers that your brand is built to last.

4. CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing. In 2013, nearly 50% of all companies use content marketing strategies.

Your marketing calendar is one of your greatest assets in the digital age. It is a simple and effective tool for keeping track of strategies for growing and maintaining your social media presence. This is an excellent way for companies of any size to explore potential reach on social platforms.

5. Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing.

Social media operates on two-way relationships between brands and consumers. These channels allow you to share engaging content and interact directly with customers. Use this chance to show current and future clients what makes your brand the best.

Here are 20 statistics that will drive 2014 marketing strategies:

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